Snippets from playstore:

Aplikasi ini adalah untuk memudahkan pengguna mencari tandas awam berdekatan dan memaparkan profil tandas tersebut. Pengguna juga boleh mencari tandas yang mempunyai fasiliti seperti tandas untuk OKU, bilik persalinan lampin dan perihal bayaran. Pengguna juga boleh dipanduarah ke tandas berhampiran atau yang diingini dengan kemudahan sistem GIS yang disertakan.

In short this application will save your time on findings public toilet should nature call invoke unprecedently. For some people toilet business is a joke but having travel across multiple countries and continent. We are quite lucky as our public toilet is overall quite okay . If you do not believe me , imagine getting stomach ache in the middle of Jaipur or Ajmer or some barren Desert in Mali or Mauritania. Toilet is a serious business.

Gotta Go
Photo by Amy Reed / Unsplash : Toilet is a serious business

But it's not the toilet element that is interesting . But the review and feedbacks from playstore.

A really sweet sincere but actually a crucial comment

What does he mean asset? Did the developer just stored all the data inside the app? That is not possible right? I mean how did it bypass Playstore Checks?

A simple unzip of the app will dump the following content:

Leaked out documents.

Can you spot the bug? Remember always read the feedback!!