Things that I like about ChatGPT

Things that I like about ChatGPT
Photo by DeepMind / Unsplash

When Calculator  are adopted by the masses, perhaps some jobs disappear. Again while the paper might tell that you AI are going to take over the world and yada-yada. The massive tech layoff got nothing to do with that.  It's not like AI have solve the problem that most IT security testing have encounter during Pentest or SCR Code Scanning.

But one of the most interesting repo that I found on ChatGPT is I can start preparing my deck while I go out and attend some kenduri and gatherings.

Behold the best repo in the world:

GitHub - acheong08/ChatGPT: Reverse engineered ChatGPT API
Reverse engineered ChatGPT API. Contribute to acheong08/ChatGPT development by creating an account on GitHub.

It's a very buggy hackish ChatGPT API. Overall experience is terrible but is rewarding. (Sorry I like to share the idea not codes to avoid those pesky Threat Intel who likes to steal our idea and codes and brag in their YARA)

Some steps that I took to make my life easier:

Some  output example:

Now i can spend my time on improving the text ,cosmetic and POC .